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What You Seek is What is Seeking - God is Closer to You than Your Self


If you consider yourself to be on any kind of spiritual path, you very likely have had a tendency to be too hard on yourself.  You try not to think negative thoughts, to avoid judging others, to avoid "sin".  One definition of the word "sin" is "separation from God". We want to avoid our dark side and become more of "how we are supposed to be". This way of thinking occurs probably not as the result of religion, but rather religion has sprouted as the result of this way of thinking.  We believe the lie that we are not adequate, when in fact we are.


In fact, the "shadow" (your dark side) is as much a part of the human experience as is having two eyes. The light and the darkness that are basic components of the psyche, are what enable the human mind to perceive as it exists in material space.  There exists both day and night down here on the ground, and the inner world of the human mind adjusts itself accordingly. The light and the dark are not at war with each other anywhere but in the mind. Everything is chaos and everything is harmony and one idea does not negate the other. Who are you, in the midst of it all? Are you the chaos and the harmony? Or are you something that is more full than either of these concepts can describe?


As part of our physical evolution, the brain has developed an ability to identify opposites in order to survive. And there exists no shortage of New Age books that would have us believe this is a flaw, something to feel that we must fix.  

While this platform of duality in perception has allowed us to make great breakthroughs technologically and in the arts and so much more, it is also the foundation of every war - mine versus yours, and us verses them.  And perhaps in the material world war is part of how nature operates. But are we bound to this and only this? From the meditative state the answer is quite clear.



Simply "us" or "ours" are very difficult concepts for the brain to hold onto without having to meditate, read spiritual books, go to Satsang, church, temple, etc.  This Non-duality flies in the face of everything our brain has told us it needs, in order to navigate its way through our concept of the world. However when the body dies, when we leave this place, duality is baggage which may not required for the journey.  But can we also inhabit material space, live in duality but not be captured by it?


You can realize the oneness of all things before having to wait until the body expires. Even "oneness" is just a word and a concept. It implies something finite when the mystery in fact refuses to be held in such a way. Self Realization is always in the room with you. Your appointment with it is now.

It is possible to navigate through a world of opposites, play by its rules, but also know that none of this is real? It's reality has limits and how real can something limited really be?  This experience of your body, located in time and space, is just a tiny fraction of what is really going on.

Can you be in the world but not be of the world? If you believe you require an invitation, I invite you so snap out of it. Can you be here, but not only here - and yet be fully here? Are you willing to let go of the task of maintaining all of this fragmentation?  

I'm not claiming to be on some higher plane or posses special powers. I am no one special. We are all Divine. You can see this if you are willing to see it. 


God or Source, being Infinite, is that which you were never apart from in the first place. The illusion of separateness is ultimately a trick of the mind. You were never separated from Source.  Adam and Eve are fictional characters, but then so am I and so are you.

So does time exist in the mind or does the mind exist in time? Or do they both exist in non-local consciousness? Is non-local consciousness not the ground of all being? Isn't this what the symbol of OM means? Isn't OM who and what you are - limitless, free, beyond what can be contained or described by any concept or impression?

And this is the hallucination that fuels so much suffering in the world - the illusion of separateness. Materially there exists separation of bodies and nations and so on. But there are dimensions of consciousness that allow for more depth and range than this, while still enabling us to navigate through material space as an individual in the world - flaws and all.  

What is the purpose of Enlightenment? Is it permanent? Is it a finish line? Or, are there enlightenments along the journey?  These moments of realization allow for more depth and more range. Is there any value, in purpose in this?  You will not know until you experience it.

The big lie is what we've structured our civilizations on. It is a delusion that holds most of the religions establishment together and keeps many of the powerful in power. The lie is that spirituality is about groveling in front of some god and apologizing for your inadequacies. The lie is that spirituality is about improving yourself, or improving the world. The laws of nature and evolution will take care of that. Spirituality is about seeing things as they are and excepting things as they are. It is about knowing your Self. Religion is about believing in something else instead.

Suffering occurs at the level of the brain-body organism. But often even this suffering can bring us to the realization of a truer identity - one that is not a concept - one that is eternal and not so subject to the fluctuations of time and space. We long for that realization while also trying to push it into the future. The realization sees you coming. The story is stretched out over time, in the mind. And yet it all happens in an instant. It has already happened, it will happen, it is happening and it always was and is. You will come to this through crisis, or you will come to this through bliss, or you will not come to it at all, as you realize that it is as you are.


Imagine a world where we all felt safe enough to stop believing in the lie.  By all outward appearances, the material world of today is not ready for such a revelation.  But are you?

Once you realize that the only one who has the power to truly convince you of the lie is yourself, you are ready to for the protagonist to meet the author of the story. Little self meets Big Self. Duality and Unity are one in the same.


Or in Vedic terms - Atman is Brahman.


To know yourself is to know God, and to know God is to know yourself.




Eric Allen Bell






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Comment by Richard Stanaszek 19 hours ago

The lessor you are the greater you become

Comment by Eric Allen Bell on Saturday

Alexander - Or at least according to our intellects. Everything and nothing are the same thing, but called by different names.

Comment by Alexander Artishevsky on Saturday

Generally speaking, everything is non-existent. The entire universe is nothing but a mind projection, just a thought which is not real.

Comment by Anshu Patre on August 5, 2013 at 4:10pm

I dig it.....I dig it like a hobbit making a hobbit hole.

Comment by ThomasMind on April 20, 2012 at 3:28am

And this folks is what I am talking about. I am beginning to think Eric is a Cosmic. Spiritual, not religious because Earthly things based on money are in fact a lie. I have to say I agree with almost everything here. In order to survive in a place so complex it is actually important that we let go of what we think we need. I actually also agree that we were never separate from source, this is a virtual impossibility from my point of view. In my attempt to explain this in a simple way, matter does not exist without the connection to a dimension we will never know of in life. For this is the balance, and there is no possible way to escape the balance.

Reading many of the things you post on here I sometimes wonder, and then once in a while BAM, the truth is right there. I am not making the statement that every one of your words themselves are the truth, but more that you see the edge of this paper plate of a life we live. With the universe an unknown we are all meant to believe as we do, I believe that we were individually created by an individual creator, therefore each of us are as we are meant to be. The girl or woman that sees themselves as ugly in the mirror because of the lie of beauty society holds is actually perfect beauty for the one that created her for example.

Though I do not believe that we create ourselves, rather we are a circular creation of our environment after our own (Pardon the Thomas Aquinas reference) unmoved mover sets us into motion. Of course there is also the lesson teaching demon human made solely to teach us how not to be. In the end I think our thoughts are actually very much the same, even though meant to be not the same. It was many years ago that I started seeing the lie that money mongering religious leaders feed us, but at the same time I find pieces of what I have been looking for, just in a different way than what they feed us. With this balance I also know that things are as they are meant to be, without I might not have found any spirituality at all.

You see this balance, and you are open to the world. And though I have in the past mentioned (a friendly reminder) to be open I know you do have the ability to believe and not be closed.

Awesome post!



Eric Allen Bell


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