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What You Seek is What is Seeking - God is Closer to You than Your Self

Is There Proof That "God" Exists? - by Eric Allen Bell

One's own existence seems self-evident....

And yet there really isn't any proof -

not objective proof anyway -

that you exist.                              


And if you try to prove your existence to others, it raises the question of whether or not other people exist - at least whether they exist anywhere other than within the realm of your own perception.


The God question is easy.


The Self question is another matter entirely. The question of the self is not only easy to dodge, but the whole world is organized around the avoidance of this very question - Who am I?


The world is organized around avoiding the question of self.  


And as with the world, so too with the individual. Your identity has been conditioned by the society around avoiding the question of self. An individual who is self realized is a threat to the power structure, to the so-called order of the place. Therefore, we exist by mutual agreement with one another, that no one is to disturb the sleep.


So, if the question of whether or not God exists is something that is only a matter of curiosity, I would recommend that you leave it alone. If you pull on that thread, the very fabric of your entire perception will unravel. You will never be able to go back to being the way you were.


And there are so many answers that are knock-offs, imitations of the real thing. And they are sleek, shiny and delicious. And what's more they are popular. Inherent in these counterfeit answers is the promise that you will never be alone, never be an outcast, never feel alienated. You and I will never have to face our own mortality, or the truth of our mediocrity without the opiate rush of a solid doctrine within arm's reach.


I could point you towards a belief system

and this whole matter could

be done with.


I have heard it said that one can go countless lifetimes without ever hearing the word



To be incarnated into an existence where one asks the question,


is a truly remarkable thing


Is there proof that God exists?

Is there proof that I exist?

Is there proof of anything?

Is there anything?

Is there a questioner


from the


being asked?


Please Note: the tendency of the mind to categorize and dismiss all that has been said thus far.

What is the lie that holds it all together?


There are those who have sat in silence, repeating this very question quietly under their breath, "What is the lie? What is the lie?" They were pioneers. Their journey of inquiry has contributed to the landscape of human awareness - have given depth to the collective consciousness.


And we are living in a new age. We are living in a new era. Those sages who sat in solitude, in quiet contemplation in caves in the Himalayas have done the footwork and we are the inheritors, the beneficiaries, born into a Golden Age of understanding.


Some of us have the luxury to ask such a question,

"Does God exist?"


You didn't come here and ask if there will be enough grain to feed your family. It's all been handed to us. There is no heavy lifting involved - just the simple act of letting go - of releasing ourselves from the lie.



The answer to this question

is written invisibly

between the lines

of every sentence

you have read

thus far. 

You are playing hide and go seek with yourself.

Don't cast me,

or she,

or anyone else,

in the role of someone who has an answer



is right there before you


 all around you



Nothing is easier to prove

than the existence of

GOD (you)


Atman is Brahman,


Eric Allen Bell

Eric Allen Bell is Founder of
Multimedia for Mystics



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Comment by Eric Allen Bell on September 19, 2014 at 7:08am

Jack - All I can offer you is this: Don't look to spiritual leaders and don't look to god in the form of a deity.  

Comment by Vigor Calma on September 19, 2014 at 6:32am
Comment by Jackaranda Rainbow on June 2, 2014 at 4:49am

Hi Eric, still banging on about god I see.What strikes me is the connection between your past and the present. For me, this connection between my past and my present is the only significance, not god. I'm doing in the present what I did in the past and most of my energy is expended in trying dispel these behavioural drivers I unconsciously assimilated so long ago, just like you. I learned about god from perverts and liars, that is, my parents, my teachers, the vicar, the police, judges, magistrates, the media, politicians. All terribly earnest, but liars. So I learned to lie to myself, becoming infected, as it were. For you, what seems important is for you to find a way to make being born again not a lie, to reinvent the meaning and thus resolve the conflict within you. That is what this blog is really about, linking back to your parents. And, as a youngster you were a leader in the big lie and now you have come full circle, still a leader in the lie of god.I know you sincerely believe what you have found is true -  and for you it is true . The lie you are telling me is by proffering your god as truth for me also. Does it make a difference to you if others believe in your god or not? Proffering your god so relentlessly to others through this website makes me wonder if you might not copy your parents' behaviour and proffer just as relentlessly to your own children. These are questions that are very important to me and my own conceptions of god which I do not feel a need to offer you, since you have your own god with whom you seem quite content.

Can you find a way to lead to god by offering yourself as an example of positive caring and understanding of self? That would be an extremely valuable service which I sadly lack the personal resources to undertake. My behaviour, particularly in relationships with others, is the extent to which my personal god is true for me and therefore I focus on the truth about how I am in relationship to others, rather than taking what others have written about god and what I have personally experienced of godhood, as you do in order to lead others to your own god . I'm looking for qualities in myself of unconditional love, of understanding my self and others, of mastering my sexuality, my emotions, like anger and jealously, for instance, in the hope of removing or, if you like, outgrowing my destructive attributes. And thus that is what I look for in spiritual leaders. So far, I am still struggling with my own stuff and as far as I can see, no one I know seems to be doing much better. When you talk of 'growing inside', what exactly do you mean, please?

Jack Rainbow

Comment by Gregory Mark Peeper on September 3, 2013 at 9:10pm

One other comment I would wish to make: In Quantum Physics we find that photons are of a dual nature. This also appears to be true of atoms as well. Experiments have indicated that by our observing these sub-atomic particles, we, the observer, influence whether they act as a wave, or as a particle. Since atoms also are affected this way, and as matter is composed of atoms, then it may be safe to say that we influence matter. Therefore, independent proof does exist which confirms that indeed, we do exist. If not, then who or what does create this influence?

Comment by Gregory Mark Peeper on September 3, 2013 at 8:59pm

A 200 pound human being, generally, has approx. 2 pounds of micro-organisms within, and without their body. Some are necessary to sustain life; performing functions such as digesting or contributing to digestive processes. 10's of thousands of them demand no larger space then the head of a pin. For the sake of argument, let us suppose some communicate, which they do; that they congregate in communities, and so on. When we consume nourishment, and liquids, some of them kneel down, and praise god for the necessities of life, as they've no idea from whence comes these staples of life. Furthermore, when contemplating the comparative vast expanse of their universe, unable to comprehend it's size, they decide infinite best describes the stomach, your stomach, within which they live out their lives. The point is: Does god exist for them? Yes, taken within this context, we are god to our flora. One must wonder then, are we perhaps micro-organisms in the gut of a god?

Comment by Eric Allen Bell on March 1, 2013 at 12:27am

Alexi - Enlightenment Purgatory only exists if one believes Enlightenment to be something of a finish line, a destination.  Are there "Enlightenments" along the way?  Are these Enlightenments fixed in time, or bound by it?  If we are not fixed in time, or bound by it, and if Enlightenment is simply the realization of one's true nature, then how can Enlightenment purgatory exist?  That which we seek is that which looks out through our eyes.  All else is theater.  

Comment by Alexi on February 25, 2013 at 11:31pm

Great blog.  In my experience, most Atheists subscribe to the God of science without the acknowledgement that "scientific fact"changes over time and with new discoveries.  (Progressive?) atheists take a more neutral view, some may even challenge common "society lies" but I love the simplicity of asking "What is the lie that holds it all together?  What is the lie?"  Isn't the answer to that question is formed the minute the question is formulated?  Some may view that as an ah-ha moment that sets you free.  I have found it to be one where I squeeze my "eyes" shut, whisper "impossible" under my breath, and cling to what I have been taught to be true.  I've wondered over the past few years if perhaps there is such thing as an enlightenment purgatory, but the ironic thing is, if there was, I already know it was one of my own creation

Comment by Eric Allen Bell on November 20, 2012 at 3:34pm

Donald - Don't ever stop.  It's an unpopular message, but a vital one!

Comment by Donald Pennington on November 5, 2012 at 8:30am

Eric, you're not the only one, obviously. I've tried warning people for years too. But far too many people consider hard, rational thought too difficult.

Comment by Eric Allen Bell on November 5, 2012 at 8:03am

Donald - This is why I am called an "Islamophobe".  


Eric Allen Bell


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