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When the student is ready, the teacher will appear....

The Teacher, courtesy of Jerrico Usher

What does this mean? Who is the teacher? How does the teacher know to appear?
This is actually much simpler than it appears. It only takes awareness to understand, and a concept of psychology to comprehend fully. This saying is a metaphor for an amazing process that happens to everyone and that happens in surgical precision based on our own individual pace.

When I started to learn about things that always eluded me I started to hear all kinds of sayings like this. The brilliance of this statement is that it is absolutely true. I spent years quoting it knowing only that it was true but never took it apart to really define it.

I have come to learn what it means exactly and it's more scientific than you'd think! The simple truth is it means when your ready for something you will be presented with "teachers" or resources to show you the path! The truth is the path was always their but now your awareness is fertile and ready to absorb the information to make it more real to you. Now you can take advantage of and use this information. It's appearance (the teacher) is ironically not something that happens outside of you, it is more like you happen to it.

Think of this event, teacher, opportunity etc.. as being their invisibly the whole time but you didn't see it. Then you become open to the awareness and now you can see it, define it, use it.

The teacher appearing is in reality a block dissappearing, your mind opening to the possibility of its existence. When your in alignment with something you start to see it everywhere, you start to align with what you need to grow. When your ready to become a writer you start to become of writing jobs because now your looking for them, they were their the whole time but you didn't see a writing job you saw a service you didn't need.

To put this concept into perspective, when you have a friend who is obsessing over a model of car you never really noticed before, although their everywhere you never gave it a second thought but now that they have talked about it and you've been to the dealership with them looking at this car in detail you will notice that their area ctually ALOT of these all over town.

You will see them and realize you never really noticed them before, as if all of a sudden they are everywhere you go. They were always their but now your open to seeing them more clearly, focus is sharpened and now you almost feel like your actively looking for them.

When the student is ready. This basically means when your open to the information, or growth. The teacher will appear: This means that you will be able to accept and actively seek out the people, places, and information that will help you towards enlightenment.

When you're not ready to learn something you're closed off to the information. Your mind is closed, and you don't correctly perceive it. You don't accept the truth about it and anything someone tries to teach you about it will not really count because you won't accept it as truth.

We actively manifest awareness of the teacher.. who was standing there the entire time waiting for us to accept its existence.

When you are ready your mind opens up and is thirsty to learn more. You're perceptive to the information and thus you start to do things that attract the right resources. Your actions, your decisions and your very stimulation externally with the environment and the outside world, people, everything generates reactions.

Every action creates an equal and opposite "reaction". This is the secret to "the teacher will appear". The awarenss makes all these things, these "teachers" like breadcrumbs to your destiny, or whatever it is your chasing. Your destined path self inflicted.

Perception is reality.. The teacher is perceptions "unlocked"

What we see in our world is based on our perceptions of our world. Our perceptions color our reactions to things we perceive, through our sensory perceptions. When we process this information and give it meaning we then react to that information accordingly. If were interested in absorbing more information we proactively react in a way that invites more information. We go out, we start reading, we educate ourselves, we ask questions.

Every movement we make pushes out into the world an action that generates a series of reactions until our own actions set into play a symphony of reactions that come towards us perceived as random actions. We are affected and react to them in ways that generate more and more things. If we lose interest or become overwhelmed the teacher backs off, rather our reactions change and the environment no longer supports the old views. Our internal processes change what were interested in and we no longer pursue what ever it was, this changes the environment and in turn changes everything else.

When your ready to learn something, your motivated to grow, you snow ball your actions/reactions and the world moves in sync with what you need. You don't realize it but your making it all happen. The teacher is not some external object or person its the symphony of your reactions, your internal guidance vibrating the world to a certain rhythm. Since your open to the awareness training of whatever it is, your putting out their that you want more, that you are open to more. When you integrate the new information your reactions become more intelligent and focused and you start to make things happen through resonance.

Almost as if by magic people and situations are magnetized to you and you find yourself constantly in the right place at the right time. You think your just lucky and that what you want and what is happening are in perfect sync but the reality is you put it that way.

It's like throwing a tennis ball against the wall and catching it. The difference is that you throw out a lot of tennis balls and they all intuitively return as situations, opportunities and so on. Knowing this is empowering and this is a "trust" in the universe. You know that you will ask for something and the universe will provide, but you're asking is an outward manifestation that causes reactions. We truly are completely in charge of what happens to us and how we react to it. Trusting in the universe is about also recognizing the returning tennis ball so to speak.

The beauty of locking on to an idea, a concept is that subconciousely we start to drive our reactions towards things we intuitively know will bring about more resources. It's like when you want a girl to notice you you dress up, you move into her view, you talk to people you know will tell her you like her, and so on. Some of your actions are concious but some are subconcious. You may have heard she will be somewhere or likes to bowl or soemthign and although you forgot conciousely about this you get a strange feeling that you want to go bowling and their she is..

the teacher is your own intuition.. when you align yourself especially with people who are knowledgable about things they can sense your dedication and are happy to help you out, to teach you, to offer you assistance, and you find ways to "teach" them as well as they may be partially your teacher but you are partially there because they needed you as well in another area.. the universe works in mysterious ways..

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